We are getting down to the nitty gritty now of working out exactly who is the best musical improviser in the land, with the final list of Improv Idol contestants made public today.

Improv Idol head honchos, Clinton Green and Carmen Chan, spent several days going through a pile of diverse entries before whittling it down to these contestants:

  • Mat Blackwell (guitar/kazoo/fully sikk wikkid beatboxing yo)
  • Gary Butler (guitar/toys/stupidity)
  • Brae Grimes (cornet/mellophone)
  • Gemma Horbury (trumpet/vocals)
  • Jessica Isgro (vocals)
  • Barnaby Oliver (guitar)
  • David Seedsman (sax/drums/guitar/vocals)
  • Shane Van Den Akker (vocals)

Thanks to everyone who applied, unfortunately there wasn’t room to fit in everyone this time around.

More details about our extemporary heroes and their Improv Idol journeys will be revealed over the next couple of weeks on the contestants page, to assist any voters who want to do their background research.