Thanks to everyone who took part in the Improv Idol Opinion Poll last week, the results will no doubt change the extemporary landscape in this country.

In lieu of expert analysis from Antony Green (who’s more into hair metal than improv), we’ve run the numbers through the Improv Idol computer and come up with these results:

Q1 What issues matter to you and your family most in music improvisation?


Growth (lots of improv gigs/improvisors) along with Diversity (of gender and cultural backgrounds) were the key issues for ordinary Australian improv fans. Security (bouncers, bar/door staff) did not rate a mention, which will be a blow for door staff across the city.

Q2 What will you look for in choosing who to vote for in Improv Idol?


Displays of empathy and listening were the big winner here with 80% of respondents, followed by interaction with other ensemble members. Zero respondents for “the best looking improvisor” will be a blow for all the pretty boy/girl contestants. Pleasingly, one fan responded “I look for things I hate”.

Q3 The Improv Idol judging panel will…

Shockingly, zero respondents expect our illustrious judges to guide their vote, and most look to these luminaries for mere entertainment. One fan said the panel “will either talk more or less about Stockhausen”.

Q4 On average, I listen to improvised live music…


45% of respondents go to improv gigs several times a week. It’s either addictive, or very hard to get right.

Q5 Does music hate you?