After a cracking night of amazing improvised music, Aviva Endean came from the back of the field to take the Improv Idol crown right on the finish line.

Derek McCormack was the early bolter, taking out the honours in Ensemble 1 against some big names, but the drug tests came back negative so it was all above board.

Adam Simmons won a controversial Ensemble 2 that involved note-passing, breaking of both saxaphones and fourth walls, and a charged judges intervention.

Joining Adam and Derek in the final was Judges’ Choice, Aviva Endean, who took the honours in a fascinating final trio, before being crowned in an emotional handover from last year’s winner, Gemma Horbury.

Our judges with the victor: (l-r) Sean Baxter, Carolyn Connors, Aviva Endean & Gemma Horbury (photo: Rick Evertsz)

The judges remarked several times on the high quality of the music improvised throughout. Improv was the winner on the night, and a big thanks to all our contestants, but there can only be one Improv Idol…VIVA AVIVA!