MAT BLACKWELLMat Blackwell (guitar/kazoo/fully sikk wikkid beatboxing yo): Mat Blackwell (AKA “A Demon Sheen” AKA “A D MacHine” AKA “A Diddy Mac” AKA “A 2Tha Dimmie” etc) has been playing unpopular music around the underground pro-Earthling scene for over twenty years, in projects as diverse as Stinky Picnic, Gnaumgn, Dead Ants Trio, Grist, Badcop Badcop, Haark, Ili Pika, Ice Cold, Fuck You God, and Merge into Stripes.  He has too many cats and not enough beard.


Gary Butler (guitar/toys/stupidity):Gary has been performing improvised music for 20 years. His interest in extending the range of the guitar has led to him rubbing pizza into the strings, throwing a guitar from a 3rd storey window, nailing a guitar to a cross, having food fights with his family on stage, writing a PhD thesis on prepared instruments, playing J.S. Bach’s “Prelude in Dm” and playing/attacking the guitar with various items including (but not limited to) toys, a bird cage, a vibrator, shoes, sticks, polystyrene, fireworks, a battery operated masturbating hand, an axe and a kitchen sink
Is there anything you can’t do to a guitar?”  Jon Rose

“This covers a lot of ground, reminds me of the days when improvising was fun and is satisfyingly real.” Chris Cutler

“For the finale, Butler hacked apart a guitar with a pickaxe . . . He may have looked like a serial killer, but this was about controlled chaos.” The Age

“If Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser became boring to you, you have ripened for the next step (where does this way only conduct?)! . . .Fairly, I have received a great pleasure from tracking a flight of fancy of the actor taking both ordinary, and simply improbable sounds from such a banal tool, as a guitar!”

“Keith Rowe with autism” Anon

Brae Grimes

Brae Grimes (cornet/mellophone):Inspired by the demeanour of Dizzy Gillespie on the cover his album ‘Salt Peanuts,’ Brae Grimes decided to learn the trumpet at his primary school in Queensland. He continued to study classical repertoire until the age of 18, when he relocated from Maryborough to Brisbane and began to learn under the tutelage of John Hoffman.

Having studied and graduated from the Bachelor of Music and Honours courses at Monash University he is ready to make an impact on the creative music scene in Australia. Grimes has been active in many contemporary music ensembles including; Arcko Ensemble, The James Osborne Jazz Collective, Martin Martini’s Vienna Project, Monash University Big Band, Monash University New Music Ensemble, Preston Symphony Orchestra, Tim Willis’ The End, and more. He has also shared the stage with many other local and international artists including; Jon Abercrombie, Jim Black, Rob Burke, Gerald Cleaver, Ronny Ferella, George Garzone, Tony Gould, Mark Helias, Vince Jones, Gianni Marinucci, Steve Sedegreen, Scott Tinkler, and others.


Gemma Horbury (trumpet/vocals): Gemma Horbury is a performer, artist and educator with a passion for music that defies genre. Her work shifts between technological innovation and tradition, yet is underpinned by deep connections to sustainability and developing individual and community capacity through the arts. Gemma is a recipient of the Yamaha Jazz Spirit Award and conducts world music ensemble Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde.


Jessica Isgro (vocals): While listening to Jessica you are taken into an intimate space: light and quirky, deep and passionate, calming her audience into a captive state. In performance Jessica displays a delicious blend of ‘womanly essence’ that dabbles in the styles of soul and Jazz. Jessica’s interesting lyric and catchy melody is openly delivered as an honest gift. Her music is fresh and well balanced, like an exotic dessert not to be missed.

Born in Melbourne 1984 Jessica began songwriting at the age of 12. Her inspiration for writing came from the desire to express a self not normally seen on the outer layer.  Jessica writes about states of being, family members, ‘believing in the dark’ and Wednesday mornings. In 2006 she completed an advanced diploma in Jazz and popular music at NMIT and took on a solo career as a singer songwriter. Jessica is now completing her degree at Melbourne Polytechnic in Fairfeild and developing her own business in arts and well being.


Barnaby Oliver (guitar): Barnaby Oliver improvises sometimes.

David Seedsman (sax/drums/guitar/vocals): David Seedsman is a self taught composer and improviser from the South East suburbs of Melbourne. Primarily a guitarist, during his time

David Seedsman Saxstudying composition at Monash University under the guidance of David Chisholm, Myles Mumford and others, he took up Saxophone and Drum kit to get closer to the sounds he desired. Doing equal work as a session musician/corporate jazz gigs, as well as diverse art music in various ensembles that he writes/directs/performs in, David is consistently performing around Melbourne several times a week on just as many instruments. Recently signing onto Misdemeanor records and releasing a collection of improvisations with trumpeter Brae Grimes, he is currently preparing 2 more albums for release later this year.


Shane Van Den Akker (vocals):  In developing his creative sound/musical style Shane has performed in a diverse range of bands and art performances within Melbourne, for over 10 years. Contributing vocals, as diverse as, crooning and jazz, to metal and experimental voice, has seen many a collaboration of band performances and wild experimental improvisation. This has helped mature the wide octave range and structure that may define Shane’s’ vocals.