Roger Alsop

Roger Alsop is a sound designer, composer, musician and media artist. He enjoys playing music and creating art at every opportunity and has worked with VicHealth, Regional Arts Victoria, Arts Access, Multicultural Arts Victoria, La Mama, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. He has played music in jazz/country/wedding/rock/tribute/improvising etc bands and continues to do.



Aviva Endean

aviva-endean-1-30pAviva plays clarinets and other things she likes the sound of. She does this with all kinds of people. Sometimes those people are serious, sometimes playful, often silly, sometimes they like to reach far back into the history of human sound making, sometimes they like to try to do something stupid enough that no one else has ever done it before.




Roderick Gregory

Gregory has been a mukker (Melbourne Ukulele Kollective), a Crystal Setter (cutting hedge sound ensemble), and is currently an Havana Palavanist and a RiffRaffer (street bands). If elected Improv Idol he promises to break all of his pre-election promises including this one.






Carey Knight

Carey Knight is a Melbourne, Australia based sound artist. Employing various instruments in various projects. Best known for his projects Dotabata (noise/concreté) and Deep Vein Thrombosis (“techno”) among many others. He also runs Cantankerous Records a small run DIY (mostly) tape label.



Derek McCormack

Derek McCormack is is an Irish born artist who has been writing songs and composing sound art and doing things in between for about 20 years.  Having been part of a few band projects, Derek’s focus has shifted slowly from ‘song’ to more raw sound (and back again) over the past 5 years. This shifting is reasonably well documented via his Glue Foot music blog.





Michael McNab

Michael is a drummer and sound artist working in performance, studio composition and improvisation. Listening with an unfixed body and open eyes, Michael’s kinetic interactions with collaborators, objects and site form the material of his work. He is interested in human and non-human presence as impetuses for sound making, and in spatiality and anti-virtuosity as ways to shake up audience-performer relationships.



Roni Shewanroni-shewan

Roni Shewan is a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne. She has been performing over many years under many guises, including progressive/art rock act A State of Flux and electronic/trip-hop duo Shiver Canyon. Roni studied improvisation at Monash University.



Adam Simmons adam-simmons

Adam has been a part of the improv scene since the early 90’s, being a part of various improv/experiemental collectives including Melbourne Improviser’s Association, one of the shared initiators of Improvised Tuesdays which became the Make It Up Club, La Mama Musica, Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival and another one that Tim O’Dwyer helped start many moons ago. Adam has worked with a stupid number of musicians from different genres as evidenced by “100:25:1”, his epic duet project last year which was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the actual number he has played with. Just as likely to be seen performing 6th century Byzantine music with Nick Tsiavos in a cathedral or at the Gasometer playing New Orleans voodoo with Pugsley Buzzard, or playing high class jazz with master drummer David Jones or traditional Japanese Zen Buddhist music in a Tuscan field, improvisation is at the core of Adam’s music expression.